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The Grill Man

Repair & Maintenance of Gas Grills

What We Do

Cleaning Grill

- Exterior: clean lid and frame and outside tables

- Interior: clean and remove burners, take-out and check orifice, check for spider mites, clean-out fire box, removal of grease trap (additional cost to replace with new)

Propane Gas

- Exchange or Bring New (Additional cost for seperate trip)

Replace Ignition

-Includes ignitor

Replace Cross-over Burner

Replace Main Burners

Replace Hose & Regulator

Add Squirrel Guards

Replace Cooking Grate

Replace Flavorizer Bars

Labor Fee

-To come to your house and look at your grill outside of yearly cleaning

*Unfortunately there is no flat fee as you can imagine that grills come in all shapes and sizes with different needs. We can give you a verbal estimate during the scheduling process, but we will not be able to invoince you until the job is complete. Please let us know if you will need anything additional to the cleaning of the grill so that we be able to better assist you. We are looking forward to serving you through this year.